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Environment: Brazil creates police unit to battle illegal logging in Amazon.

The government of Brazil announced the creation of a special police unit tasked with preventing illegal logging in rainforests of Amazonia.

Under an agreement between the justice and interior ministries and the National Economic and Social Development Bank, or BNDES, some 200 officers will be permanently assigned to key points in the Amazon region.

The forest guard will be staffed by officers from the National Security Force, an elite corps under the direct control of the Justice Ministry.

A BNDES-administered international fund to preserve Amazonia will finance the costs of creating and equipping the new force.

The 30.6 million reais ($9.87 million) program is part of the Action Plan for the Preservation of the Amazonia and Deforestation Control which, according to the government, has reduced forest loss by 79 percent since its inception in 2004.

“Fighting against deforestation is no simple task and it demands plenty of dedication and a large structure,” Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardoso said in a statement.

The agreement will help the acquisition of the resources required for the job, including vessels and special equipment to work in the jungle.

The Amazonia Fund receives contributions from Brazilian state oil company Petrobras and from the governments of countries such as Norway and Germany. 


Fuente:  LA Herald Tribune